Advertise With Think Realty

Advertise in print and online with Think Realty Magazine’s advertising solutions to help you grow your business and reach our nationwide real estate investor audience.

Our magazine, plus our digital marketing tools, can offer you a dynamic package to reach this targeted audience of real estate investors. Our audience ranges from the beginning investor to the sophisticated, veteran investor and all of those in between.

Magazines – especially those targeted, niche publications like Think Realty Magazine – are highly sought after by readers and consumers, both as a print and a digital product. So a combined advertising campaign can be highly effective.

Buyer behavior is changing, and it calls for a change in thinking about how potential customers learn about your business. It is a new way of looking at the traditional sales funnel and leads.

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The key to this new vision of sales is content

Many buyers no longer want sales people to contact them as soon as they enter the sales funnel. This kind of aggressive sales approach often turns leads away, which can make it all but impossible to convert them into customers. Increasingly, today’s buyers want information that addresses their problems, issues and pains. By creating and publishing valuable educational content, your sales and marketing teams will attract leads. This can be a valuable complement to your print advertising campaign.

So how does our inbound marketing-optimized approach, with helpful, useful content, work to connect you with our audience and generate leads for your business? 

Think Realty Magazine’s advertising is the only independent, national newsstand magazine for:
• Individual real estate investors
• Institutional investors in residential real estate
• Inquisitive traditional investors awakening to strong and stable returns through real estate
• Property investment and related service providers
We focus on creating helpful, useful, quality content for real estate investors, which creates more readers for our print publication as well as more visits to our website. We share our content with the world, which pulls in more readers and visitors, who can learn about your company and your products.

By aligning content with customer interest, we naturally attract people and give you the opportunity to attract them to your business, convert, close and delight them.